What video settings are available in Mukurtu Mobile?

Mukurtu Mobile allows you to add videos as part of your stories, importing them from your mobile device’s Gallery.
You will be prompted to login to Youtube before you can upload videos as part of your stories. To login to your Youtube account and access other available video settings, access the application Settings using the gear icon on the top right corner of the application’s main view and enter the Preferences tab.
Click near the Youtube logo to login to your account, or click on your username to log out.
By default, videos will be uploaded as “unlisted” so you may need to be logged in to your youtube account to view them in your list of available videos. Therefore, if you are assigning a restricted Cultural Protocol to your story, only users who have access to it will be able to see and share your video.
You can change this by unflagging the box for “Upload videos as unlisted”. That will make all your uploaded videos available to the public on Youtube.
Video compression in iOS is set to: codec MPEG4 AAC stereo, sample rate 44100Hz for stream audio, MPEG4 H264 AVC for stream video. Videos in Android use codec MPEG4, bitrate 5000k. These values refer to the video file savd locally, before it’s uploaded to youtube. Find more information about Youtube video management¬†here.
How do I add a video to my story in Mukurtu Mobile?
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