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What is SCALD?

“SCALD is Content, Attribution, Licensing, & Distribution”

SCALD is a module that Mukurtu CMS uses to manage and share media. This module allows contributors of your Mukurtu site to add complex media items, called “atoms” to digital heritage content. By adding metadata or alternate copies of media files as part of the same ‘atom’, contributors can inform site users of the provenance carried behind certain media, even when they are remixed or reused on different digital heritage.

Can I control who can see or reuse the media item?

Yes, you can tag cultural protocols on SCALD items to share with smaller groups of people. Members of any group you list (hold down CTRL or CMD key to select multiple) will be able to view and reuse that media item.

I would like to add media from an outside provider (such as a video or image hosting service) is that possible?

Yes, you can upload media using links from DailyMotion, Vimeo, and YouTube. We hope to enable SoundCloud uploads for audio in the near future. Read More about other services provided by SCALD, you can request to add these services in future upgrades.

SCALD seems interesting, is there a place where I can go to learn more?

Here are some addtional resources:
– SCALD Readme
– SCALD at