What is Mukurtu Mobile?

Mukurtu Mobile is a mobile authoring tool for Mukurtu CMS, a digital heritage management system designed with the needs of Indigenous communities in mind.
Mukurtu users come from all types of local communities who want to define how they share their cultural materials.

With Mukurtu Mobile you can create content on-the-go and upload media to your own Mukurtu CMS-powered community site, while maintaining control over your content.
You can attach multiple media to your content and use Mukurtu Core metadata fields to build a story about your media, an event, person or memory.
The Mukurtu Mobile app is currently at a 2.5 release for iPhone and iPad and is compatible with both Mukurtu CMS 1.5 and 2.0
An Android version of Mukurtu Mobile 2.5 is planned for development. At this time the latest release for Android phones and tablets is Mukurtu Mobile 2.0, compatible with Mukurtu CMS 1.5.

Read more about the app’s features and roadmap, get the app or turn to our Support page to get started!

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