What image settings are available in Mukurtu Mobile?

Mukurtu Mobile allows you to upload images as part of your stories, either importing them from your mobile device’s Gallery or taking a new photo with the application’s camera feature.
By default, images are uploaded in the resolution supported by your device’s camera, but if you are concerned about bandwidth or data traffic costs, or want to protect your original media, you may choose to upload a resized version by changing image settings in your application.
To access the available image settings click on the Settings icon (gear icon in the top right corner of the application’s main view) then access the Preferences Tab. Available resize settings are Full camera resolution, 75% (of original dimensions), 50%, 25%, and Web (where the biggest dimension is resized to 1024px).
Jpeg compression for your images will be set to 0.85, a web standard, and your image’s available EXIF will be maintained in the uploaded file.
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