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What are person records? (Mukurtu taxonomy records)

Person Records allow for rich biographical records to be integrated into Mukurtu CMS. Person records can include birth and death dates, include custom text and media sections, identify relationships between people, and aggregate all digital heritage items where a person is referenced.

Please review the following articles in order to begin working with Person Records:

  1. How to Enable Mukurtu Taxonomy (Person) Records
  2. How to Create a Person Record from the Dashboard
  3. How to Create a Person Record from a Digital Heritage Item
  4. How to Edit and Add Records to a Person Record

Mukurtu Taxonomy Records
Broadly, Mukurtu Taxonomy Records are a tool that provides users the ability to enrich taxonomy terms with additional content.
As of the 2.0.8 release, Mukurtu taxonomy records can be used with the Person record type. Additional taxonomy record types will be added in future releases.