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What are media content warnings?

Note: This feature was first included in version 2.0.8, and will continue to undergo development

This feature is only accessible to Drupal Administrators.

Media content warnings are a new feature that enables administrators to flag potentially sensitive media assets (images, audio, video, documents). When a user comes to a page with a media asset that has a content warning, they are presented with a blacked-out box in place of the media asset overlaid with descriptive text. The user can then choose to click through and access the media. This feature does not prevent users from accessing media assets, rather it gives them the choice to access the media if they want to, after being made aware of its sensitive nature.

Mukurtu CMS includes two types of media content warnings. The first is a pre-configured “deceased people warning” that is designed specifically for identifying media with deceased people. The second is a more general taxonomy triggered warning that supports more configuration options.

See How to Configure Media Content Warnings for more instructions.