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Using Reclaim Hosting to host your Mukurtu CMS site

Reclaim Hosting is one way for our community to get Mukurtu CMS. Reclaim Hosting shares our focus on building trust through reliable, safe, and secure architecture and commitment to an engaged community. 

Reclaim Hosting offers a range of hosting products and options. For many Mukurtu users, the basic Organizational Shared Hosting is an affordable starting point (USD $100/year at the time of writing), and we recommend it for smaller sites. For larger sites, or if more site performance if needed, Reclaim offers a Professional Services package that, in addition to improved support, includes hosting on a low-tenant VIP server, which improves site performance and speed. At this time, the Professional Services package is USD $600/year. Contact Reclaim for more details.

See this guide for a step-by-step walkthrough setting up a new Mukurtu CMS site with Reclaim Hosting.