Using Reclaim Hosting to host your Mukurtu CMS site

We are pleased to announce Mukurtu’s newest partnership with Reclaim Hosting. We are excited to offer another way for our growing community to get Mukurtu CMS. Reclaim Hosting shares our focus on building trust through reliable, safe, and secure architecture and commitment to an engaged community. Reclaim is a great match for any institutions wanting to get the most out of Mukurtu CMS. We are especially excited that Reclaim allows for unlimited domains and subdomains on any plan. Imagine what you can do! To get Mukurtu on Reclaim Hosting now just go to their site and sign up–we recommend starting at the $100/year 100GB site.  If you are new to Mukurtu CMS contact us at

See the PDF below for a step-by-step walkthrough setting up a new Mukurtu CMS site with Reclaim Hosting.

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