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Updating Mukurtu Sites on Reclaim Hosting (December 2022)

Updating Mukurtu Sites on Reclaim Hosting 

Beginning December 2022, Reclaim Hosting’s Shared Hosting clients need to manually update their Reclaim-hosted Mukurtu sites when new versions are released, as the automatic Installatron updater is no longer supported. We will continue to announce new versions and updates through the newsletter, and the most current release information is always available at 

The update process requires a few steps, but is not technically complex, and requires use of a few Drupal tools that many users already use to troubleshoot site issues. 

This does not affect the installation process for new Mukurtu sites. 

Version notes 

At this time (December 2022), the most current Mukurtu release available through Reclaim Hosting is Mukurtu CMS 3.0.0, while the most current Mukurtu CMS release is 3.0.3.  

We strongly encourage all users to follow these steps and update their 3.0.0 sites to 3.0.3 as soon as possible.  

If your site is on a version OLDER than 3.0.0 (2.1.8 or below), please contact before updating, as additional steps may be required. 

Future releases above 3.0.3 may require additional steps, which will be reflected in the release notes and this support resource.