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Updating existing media asset metadata workflow

1) Download the relevant media asset template spreadsheet(s) from your Mukurtu site.

2) Fill in the required fields and delete unnecessary fields.

  • See Media asset metadata fields for roundtrip for more information. 
  • General notes specific to updating existing media assets are below:
    • Enter the SCALD ID of each media asset to be updated in the SID field.
    • Fill in the following fields as needed:
      • Protocol – NID of the protocol(s) being used. Finding NIDs
      • People – feeds into the media content warnings tool.
      • Tags/Keywords – feeds into the media content warnings tool.
      • Contributor (audio only) – displays in the dictionary.
    • Delete the following fields, unless you need to change them. This information will already be present in the system and in most cases you will NOT need to change this information.
      • If you delete a field from the sheet entirely, the importer will skip it and leave the existing values.
      • If you leave a field in the sheet but leave the cells blank, the importer will overwrite the existing values with blank information, which will break the uploaded media assets.
        • Delete the GUID field.
        • Delete the Provider field.
        • Delete the Media Source field.
        • Delete the Title field.
        • Delete any other remaining fields as they are likely not needed (these fields vary by media type)

3) Export or save the media asset metadata spreadsheet.

  • Give the sheet a final review. Make sure that required fields are correctly filled in and formatted.
  • Make sure it is a UTF-8 encoded CSV sheet.
  • The workflow will vary for each spreadsheet tool.

4) Import the media asset metadata spreadsheet.