Re-indexing site nodes

If the sites search index is interrupted, content may not show up properly when searching or browsing. Re-indexing the site can help resolve this.

As a drupal administrator, go to ‘/admin/config/search/search_api/index/default_node_index’

If the Index Status is not 100% complete (eg: 200/400 items indexed), follow these steps to re-index the site. While the site its being reindexed, search functions will not work properly. The larger the site, the longer this will take.

Click “Queue all items for reindexing”.

If you are ready to proceed, click “Confirm”.

You will see a confirmation that “The index was successfully marked for re-indexing”, and the status will show that no nodes are indexed.

Click “Index now”.

The site will show it’s progress while re-indexing. This may take some time for large sites.

When done, a confirmation message will be displayed.

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