Mukurtu Mobile 2.0

Mukurtu Mobile 2.0 launched in July 2014 for Android phones and tablets and for iPhone and iPad.

Mukurtu 2.0 main features include:

  • Seamless integration with Drupal/Mukurtu CMS
  • Collect content offline
  • Geo positioning (GPS+WIFI positioning, Geocoding + Reverse Geocoding)
  • Set access permissions based on your own communities and cultural protocols​
  • Mukurtu CMS standard metadata for all your content
  • Demo user to test the app​
  • Internal documentation and online support page​
  • Mobile enabled in any hosted Mukurtu CMS site (on request)
  • NEW: Support for video and audio files​
  • NEW: Internal audio recorder
  • NEW: Youtube integration for uploading your videos
  • NEW: Full EXIF support for your media
  • NEW: Preview your content online from the app
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