Mukurtu Mobile 1.0

Mukurtu Mobile 1.0 is our beta version, launched in October 2012 for iPhone only.

Mukurtu 1.0 main features include: 

  • Seamless integration with Drupal/Mukurtu: Mukurtu Mobile allows users to authenticate to a Mukurtu CMS powered site and upload Digital Heritage items – complete with media – directly to the site, using Drupal module Services.
  • Mukurtu standard metadata: your stories are created with a subset of the metadata supported by Mukurtu CMS to facilitate reuse and sharing with other archives.​
  • Support for images: Mukurtu Mobile 1.0 supports images from your image gallery and captured live with your phone camera.​
  • Geo positioning: GPS+WIFI positioning is used to determine your position on the map. Just drag and drop the viewfinder to position your story manually. You can work either with coordinates or with an address (Geocoding / Reverse Geocoding).​
  • Set access permissions based on your own communities and cultural protocols: Mukurtu Mobile retrieves your own permission settings from your server using Drupal module Services. Assign stories to communities or cultural protocols to manage access and upload your content safely.​
  • Collect content offline: you will need a login on your first launch to establish connection with a Mukurtu server, but after that you can work offline creating your stories, complete with metadata and media.​
  • Demo user to test the app: we provide a demo website and a demo access for you to try out the application before you get mobile enabled on your own Mukurtu CMS powered site.​
  • Internal documentation and online support: FAQs right inside your app, available even when working offline, and one-click away online human support.
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