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Mukurtu CMS 2.1.3 related content migration verification

Mukurtu CMS 2.1.3 includes a change to how related content operates. When updating from a previous version to 2.1.3 it is recommended that site administrators verify that related content was migrated correctly. This is only required when updating to 2.1.3, and is not required for other updates, or for sites installing 2.1.3 or above.

After the update to 2.1.3 is complete, and before any site content is edited or new site content is added, complete the following steps.

1) As a drupal administrator, go to /admin/reports/dblog (eg: and filter the log messages by “mukurtu_update”.

2) The most recent log entry should say something like “Migrated related content for 4 out of 423 nodes. There were 419 nodes with no references.” If that entry is present, the migration was successful and no further action is needed.

3) If that entry is not there, go to /devel/php (eg: In the “PHP code to execute” box, enter ma_base_theme_copy_related_content(); and press “Execute”.

4) To confirm, return to /admin/reports/dblog (eg: and check for the confirmation message from earlier.