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Managing administrator roles

In addition to the site-wide and group-level user roles built into Mukurtu CMS, there is also a Drupal Administrator role that is assigned by default to the administrator account that is created when the site is created (this is the administrator role in the screenshot below). As shown below, this user role has access to an additional Drupal menu.

In general, use of this administrator role is strongly discouraged. While it can be used to further customize a site using Drupal tools, these customizations will not be preserved when the site is updated to a newer version of Mukurtu CMS, and could also prevent updating to newer versions.

We recommend creating an additional user account when first setting up the site and assigning it the Mukurtu Administrator role, then using that new account to continue setting up and working with the site. The administrator account is important to keep in case of troubleshooting, but it should not be used for regularly working on the site.

If you do have Drupal experience and would like to learn more, please contact