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Logging in to Mukurtu Mobile

Your mobile device needs to be connected to the internet before you can log in. Many Mukurtu Mobile tools are available offline after first logging in, but some do require a persistent internet connection. 

Logging in

To open the Mukurtu Mobile app on your mobile device, locate and tap the Mukurtu icon.

Once the app loads, you will be prompted to log in. Tap the blue “Log In” button. 

Enter your existing Mukurtu CMS username, password, and site URL. The URL needs to be the complete URL for your site. If you are having trouble, try both the HTTP and HTTPS prefixes to ensure that you have the correct URL. Eg:  or 

Click the blue “Login” button.

The app may take some time to sync selected content to your device. 

When the app is done syncing content, the “View Content” tab will load. You can now use all of the Mukurtu Mobile app features. 

Logging out

If you need to log out, tap the “Settings” tab. 

Tap the “Log Out” option. 

If you do log out, you will not be able to view or create content, or browse your site from within the Mukurtu Mobile app until you log back in. 

Logging out will also remove all synced content from your device until you log back in. Logging in automatically syncs all selected content. 

If you are sure you want to log out, tap the blue “Log Out” button. 

A confirmation message will be displayed once you are logged out.