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Importing a ZIP archive

  • This article assumes you have a ZIP archive ready to import.
  • There is only one ZIP importer – any combination of properly foldered media and metadata spreadsheets can be imported this way.
    • There are not separate ZIP importers for digital heritage items, dictionary words, etc.
  • This can be done by a Mukurtu or Drupal Administrator.

From the Dashboard, click on “Import from ZIP Archive”.

If a ZIP import was previously run, the file will still be present in the importer. Click “Remove” to clear the previous file.

Click “Choose File” to locate the ZIP archive on your computer.

Once your file has been selected, click “Upload”.

This may take some time depending on the size of your ZIP archive and internet connection. When done, the “Choose File” and “Upload” options will disappear. Click “Continue”.

This again may take some time depending on upload size and connection. A progress bar will be shown.

Please note that you may be presented with an “AJAX” error message immediately following the import similar to that shown below (not all users will run into this). This error message can be safely ignored and is not an indicator of any issues. 

To proceed to the actual confirmation page (which will list any real errors), click “please continue to the error page”.

When done, a confirmation will be displayed. This confirmation may contain a combination of different messages, depending on the content of the import.

  • Examples of success messages:
    • Updated ___ atoms..
    • Created ___ atoms.
    • Updated ___ nodes.
    • Created ___ nodes.
  • Examples of failure messages:
    • Failed importing ___ atoms.
    • Failed importing ___ nodes.
    • Field validation errors in item ‘_____’.
    • Feed item number ___ skipped because “___” was not a valid node reference.

Error messages usually contain useful troubleshooting information. If you receive an error message, we suggest taking a screenshot for reference, and contacting our support team to discuss further.