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How to create a person record from a digital heritage item

This feature is accessible to Mukurtu Administrators.

To create a person record from a digital heritage item, navigate to the digital heritage item where the person is listed in one of your enable taxonomy fields (most likely Contributor, Creator, or People). Click on the person’s name.

If this person does not yet have a person record created, this page should be a record stub, showing all digital heritage items where that person is listed in that specific field. It will not show biographical information, and digital heritage items where the person is listed in a different field. Click on “Page Menu” and then “Add Record”.

Select the type of record to create (Person).

The Create Person page is comprised of three metadata tabs and the media library.
The first tab is Biographic Information and includes the following fields:

  • Name (required): the preferred name of the person. Other names can be included elsewhere.
  • Media Assets: multiple media assets can be included by dragging and dropping them from the media library
  • Date Born: enter date in YYYY/MM/DD format
  • Date Died: enter date in YYYY/MM/DD format
  • Deceased (checkbox): check the box if the person is deceased
  • Sections: biographical sections can be added and configured (eg: early life, education). Each section can include a title, body text, and media assets aligned to the left or right of the text. Additional sections can be added above and below each other.

The second tab is Relations and includes the following fields:

  • Related People: person records can be related to each other, and each person record can be related to multiple other person records. When the “+ Add Related Person” button is selected, the “Related Person” and “Relationship Type” fields will be available.
    • You can only include a relation to another person once their person record is created.
    • Relationships are not bi-directional, you will need to create the relationship on both person records.
  • Related Content: You can directly related a person record to other content on the site. This is not commonly used. Note that aggregating all person-related content is done through the “Record Management” tab.
  • Collections: To include this person record in a collection, search, or choose the relevant collection(s) from the dropdown menu.

The third tab is Record Management and includes the following fields:

  • Suggested Terms: if the Person Name you entered on the first tab is similar to a taxonomy entry in one of your enabled taxonomy record fields, they will be displayed here. Check the appropriate boxes to select terms. This allows you to link records where a person appears in different taxonomy fields.
  • All available terms: this dropdown menu will list all taxonomy entries from your enabled taxonomy record fields. This allows you to link records where a person may be identified by different names.