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How to configure media content warnings

Note: This feature was first included in version 2.0.8, and will continue to undergo development

This feature is only accessible to Drupal Administrators.

There are two ways to implement content warnings on media assets in Mukurtu CMS: deceased people warnings, and taxonomy triggered warnings.

Deceased people warnings are specific warnings that are tied to the People field in media assets (not digital heritage items). Using these warnings require that media assets have the appropriate people listed in the People field, and that a person record is created for each person (and that they are identified as deceased). The warning text can be customized, and by default will include the names of the deceased people.

Taxonomy triggered warnings are more flexible than deceased people warnings. Using these warnings requires using the Tags field in media assets. Multiple taxonomy warnings can be configured, and the text for each can be customized.

To configure the media content warnings, from the dashboard, follow the “Configure Media Warnings” link in the “Mukurtu Configuration” box on the dashboard (most likely located in the bottom right corner of the dashboard).

There are three sections to the configuration page:

  • Enable warnings per scald context: controls where warnings will be displayed
  • People warnings: controls settings for deceased people warnings
  • Taxonomy triggered warnings: controls settings for taxonomy triggered warnings

Enable warnings per scald context (all checkboxes, can select where on the site warnings will be displayed)

  • Mukurtu Scald Colorbox: full-size media display (eg: digital heritage items)
  • Mukurtu Scald Search Results: browse digital heritage and browse dictionary pages
  • Mukurtu Scald Banner Image: community and cultural protocol banners
  • Mukurtu Scald Thumbnail Image: community and cultural protocol thumbnails
  • Mukurtu Scald Media Assets Edit Field: shown when editing pages with a media assets field
  • Mukurtu Scald Related Items: related items teaser on digital heritage pages
  • Mukurtu Scald Dictionary Media: additional media field on dictionary entries
  • Mukurtu Scald Recording: recording field on dictionary entries
  • Mukurtu Scald Taxonomy Thumbnail: category (or other taxonomy) thumbnail

People warnings

  • Enable People Warnings (checkbox): toggle deceased people warnings on and off, site-wide
  • “Warning text: Single Person”: use this field to customize the text that shows when one person in the media asset is deceased.
  • “Warning Text: Multiple People”: use this field to customize the text that shows when more than one person in the media asset is deceased.

Taxonomy triggered warnings
Term: this field will be keyed off media assets. The easiest to use will be the “Scald tags” field. First, edit the relevant media assets “tags” field (on images, use the “keywords” field) to include the triggering tag word. The scald tags on this screen will then be populated by that list.

Warning Text: use this field to customize the text that shows when the warning displays on the media asset.

Add taxonomy warning: use this button to add additional warnings