How do I add an audio recording to my story in Mukurtu Mobile?

Whenever you are creating or editing a story in Mukurtu Mobile you can click on the add media button (the orange button with a camera icon) to add media to your story. You can then select Audio/New Audio from the menu to record a new audio file. If you are using Mukurtu Mobile on your iPhone or iPad, you will be able to pause and restart recording while capturing your audio, so make sure you hit the Save button to correctly save your audio file. On Android, the Stop button will automatically interrupt and save your recording.
Once added, the audio will show up as a new thumbnail under your story’s title, and can be played and deleted.
If you are going to add images to your stories you may want to do that first, because if an audio is added as your story’s first media, the audio thumbnail will become your story’s cover, or preview thumbnail on search and group pages in your Mukurtu archive (you can always edit the story after uploading it).
Audio is saved to your device in m4a format (a common container file format for MPEG-4 content).

Where will my Mukurtu Mobile media be uploaded?

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