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Getting started with Mukurtu CMS

Once you have your Mukurtu CMS site installed (whether hosting locally or through a 3rd party hosting provider), there are a few structural elements that need to be set up before you can start working with your digital heritage items. This is not an exhaustive list of all the features and functions that Mukurtu CMS offers, but should walk you through the basic set up. We encourage you to explore the other articles on the site.

Administrator Accounts
First, when a site is built, a default administrator account is created. This account exposes the default Drupal 7 administrator interface, and while it is important to have access for maintenance and troubleshooting, it is not suggested for daily use. We strongly recommend creating a separate Mukurtu Administrator account to use when building and using your Mukurtu CMS site.

The “3C’s”: Communities, Cultural Protocols, and Categories
These three structural elements are required to create digital heritage items. You will need at least one community, one cultural protocol within that community, and one category before you can start working with content.

Digital Heritage Items and Media
The majority of the content in a Mukurtu CMS site is digital heritage items. DH items generally include at least one media asset (see below), and supporting metadata. Media assets are uploaded independently of DH items, and can be included in multiple DH items, or used in other areas of the site.

There are many different roles and responsibilities available to users for appropriately accessing and managing your content.