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Enabling and configuring Mukurtu Mobile

Mukurtu Mobile is not enabled by default, to respect privacy expectations of sites that were created before the release of Mukurtu Mobile. Sites updating from Mukurtu 2.x and new installations of Mukurtu 3.x need to have Mukurtu Mobile manually enabled.

Check site version 

Before using Mukurtu Mobile, your Mukurtu CMS site needs to be running version 3.0 or above. You can check your site version in the “Support” section of your dashboard.

Enable Mukurtu Mobile

To enable Mukurtu Mobile, as a Mukurtu or Drupal administrator, go to your site dashboard and in the “Mukurtu Configuration” box, select “Configure Mukurtu Mobile”.

Check the box that says “Enable access to the site via the Mukurtu Mobile app”.

 Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Save configuration”. 

You will be redirected to the dashboard, and a confirmation message will be displayed. You can now use Mukurtu Mobile with your Mukurtu site.

Configure Mukurtu Mobile 

As a site administrator, you can control which content types users can view and create within the Mukurtu Mobile app. For example, if you intend to use the app solely for viewing the site and do not want users to make any changes, you may want to disable the ability to create/edit content. The ability to view and create specific content is still managed for each user by their membership and roles in cultural protocols.

If a content type is viewable, it will be displayed in the “View Content” tab in the app after syncing. If a content type is not viewable, it will not be displayed in the app. 

By default, the viewable content types are: 

    • Digital heritage 
    • Collection
    • Dictionary word
    • Word list
    • Person record
    • Personal collection
    • Community
    • Cultural protocol

If a content type is creatable, it can be created in the “Create Content” tab, and edited in the “View Content” tab in the app. If a content type is not creatable, new content cannot be created, and existing content cannot be edited in the app. 

By default, the creatable content types are: 

    • Digital heritage
    • Dictionary word
    • Personal collection 

To change which content types are viewable and creatable/editable, on the “Configure Mukurtu Mobile” page, check or uncheck the content type, and click “Save configuration” at the bottom of the page. This change is not automatically pushed to users, and will be applied when they next sync their app.