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Creating a basic page

You may want to create additional basic pages for your Mukurtu site. The About page is an example of a basic page.

There are two ways to create a new basic page:

  1. As a drupal adminsitrator, hover over Content > Add Content > Basic Page.
  2. As a drupal or Mukurtu administrator, go directly to /node/add/page (eg:

Give your page a title. This will be used to generate the page URL as well.

In the Body, enter the content of your page. To use the WYSIWYG tools in the editor, switch the setting below the Body field to “Display Suite Code”. Different settings will support some custom HTML if you need a more complex page.

Save when done.

The page will be created.

To edit the page, form the “Page Menu” dropdown on the left, select “Edit”.

The page automatically generates a URL. To add this page to your main site navigation menu, see Managing navigation menu links.