[1.5] What are sharing protocols and how do they work?

Sharing Protocols are another level of controlling access to your Community or Cultural Protocol, or digital heritage items within your Community and/or Cultural Protocol.
The three main levels of protocols are: 

Open:  Setting this sharing protocol to your Community or Cultural Protocol means any user or guest of your Mukurtu CMS can see that your community exists. If it is set to your digital heritage items, these are also publicly visible.

Community:  Setting this sharing protocol to your Community or Cultural Protocol means that only users may only see your group if they are assigned as a member of your Community or Cultural Protocol. Any DH items that are attributed to a “Community” Community or Cultural Protocol, but assigned “open” access are visible to the public, while the community name remains anonymous.

Strict Community: This is like the “Community” sharing protocol, but when you post a digital heritage item and attribute it to more than one “strict community”, the sharing protocol on that item will default to only sharing within the “strict community” Community or Cultural Protocol. If you assign two strict communities on one item, a user will have to be a part of both “strict community” communities and/or cultural protocols.

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