MIRA represents one of the biggest and most accessible digital archiving project of Indigenous cultural content in the world. FORM’s Ngurra Kuju Walyja, One Country One People, project lasted over 7 years. Through this project, the team produced over 40,000 digital assets from RAW images, to Jpg’s, various video footage, clips, oral history recordings, and all states in between.

Just like the old people, we are dreaming. We have a new dream with technology. We’re using the newest technology with the oldest culture.

Curtis Taylor

Emerging Aboriginal filmmaker & Cultural Advisor, The Canning Stock Route Project

The Challenge

To create a custom archive, engaging communities and publics through sharing parameters that guardian culturally sensitive stories and share heritage items. The archive was to contain the entirety of assets created from FORM’s 7 year project in Western Australia: Ngurra Kuju Walyja — One Country One People — The Canning Stock Route Project.

The Solution

The Mira project reinvented Mukurtu CMS from the inside out. Making use of the template provided by cultural protocols, communities, licensing and Mukurtu core metadata, Mira customized their site, homepage, and css. They re-skinned the 1.5 framework and created a unique user experience for site visitors. Future plans for the project include: archival backup on the iVEC Supercomputer in Australia, and complete ownership of the content and stories back in the hands of Canning Stock Route’s Art Centres.