Genoa Indian School Digital Reconciliation Project

“The Genoa Indian School Digital Reconciliation Project is a space for telling the stories of the American Indian children who attended Genoa, the stories of their communities, and the stories of their descendants. To help in telling these stories, we are first digitizing government records of Genoa from various federal and state archives, materials which are often difficult to locate and access. We hope that returning these records to American Indian families and tribes may be an act of archival reconciliation—of bringing history home. Over the longer term, we aim to support descendant communities in telling more complete stories of Genoa and to promote awareness and truth-seeking about the boarding schools among all Americans.

Most Americans know little about the history of the schools in the United States. This project aims to bring greater awareness of the schools and their legacies at the same time as it hopes to return the histories of Indian children from government repositories back to their families and tribes.”


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