“We are guided by the principles of respect, reconciliation, collaboration and self-determination to create this online space for Aboriginal peoples and communities.

Our hope is that here, and within the collections held at the State Library of NSW, you will find meaningful connections to culture and Country, and together we can share and celebrate the richness and vibrancy of Australia’s First Nations people.

Gather aims to:

  • Digitally return copies of historical documents, manuscripts and photographs to the people and communities they belong to.
  • Collaborate to identify people, places and stories in historical photographs and other materials shared here.
  • Add local knowledge and perspectives to the State Library of NSW’s Aboriginal historical collections.

We are committed to growing and shaping Gather to reflect community involvement, needs and aspirations.
For those visiting Gather who come from outside community, please note that not all content will be visible. Access rights and viewing restrictions are applied to some content by communities in accordance with cultural protocols.”

The design, artwork, and fonts were created by Gamilaraay and Mandandanji artist and animator, Jake Duczynski. Read more about the design here.


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