The Sustainable Heritage Network is a place to connect with people, find resources, and share knowledge about digital heritage preservation. Within the network, institutions and communities work together to provide each other with digital tools and preservation assistance. We call this: Collaborative Stewardship.

The Challenge

The Sustainable Heritage Network needed to reach people across the United States, and eventually the world, providing multi-media tutorials, resources, templates, and locations -called workbenches. The size and reach of this network was larger than any site yet built in Mukurtu CMS which became a test of bandwith for Mukurtu CMS hosting.

The Solution

Starting with Mukurtu CMS as the content management system for the SHN, Washington State University and other Workbenches were able to upload and manage resources directly through association with communities. The front end of the portal invites users to search for resources according to category, or to find workbenches and workshops. The SHN took off and Mukurtu CMS continues to integrate with other services that provide media quickly to users around the world.