On July 26, 2016, the latest version of Mukurtu CMS (2.0.5) was released. This release focused on bug fixes and other minor improvements, but one substantial  change is a new viewer for multi-page Digital Heritage items (shown below).

New Multi Page Document Viewer WSU Mukurtu Develop

The full update list is below, and if you have any questions, please contact us at support@mukurtu.org

  • New thumbnail carousel view for multi-page Digital Heritage items
  • Images with Exif orientation data will now generate automatically rotated thumbnails
  • Fixed a bug where a user would lose community/protocol membership after updating their profile
  • The “Community Record Parent” field in the Digital Heritage importer has been removed and a separate importer for adding community records in that manner has been added
  • Erroneous drop-down menu item in the dashboard has been removed
  • “Duplicate Record” functionality will no longer copy community record or multi-page relationships
  • People field permissions are now configured like the other taxonomies
  • People field now displays properly on community records
  • “View Media” link has been restored to the dashboard for Mukurtu Admins
  • Fixed a bug where the zip importer was generating an incorrect download URL for previously uploaded zip files
  • The zip importer will now handle the case where the files have been placed within a single sub-folder (as many zip archive programs do by default)
  • Fixed a bug where the cultural protocol importer would fail when given a numeric ‘0’ for the ‘sharing protocol’ field
  • Fixed a bug in digital heritage node view that would cause multiple notices/warnings to be generated in the error log
  • Updated Drupal core to 7.50
  • Security updates for Features, Google Analytics, Search API, and Views modules

All previous release notes, as well as the full source code can be accessed on GitHub.