Mukurtu CMS 2.1 is now available on GitHub.

Self-hosted sites can update to the latest version at any time.The full release notes are available here.

If you are using Reclaim Hosting, we will be working with them to finalize an update soon. An announcement will go out at that time.

The 2.1 update includes a substantial update to the Mukurtu theme, which may require a slightly more involved update than previous versions for heavily customized sites. While we made every effort to ensure the update process produces as little disruption as possible, please contact us if you have questions about the process for your site. All sites, regardless of customization may need to update featured images for best display with the new theme.

Before installing the 2.1 release:

  • Review the upgrade steps on GitHub. This upgrade process will set many pages/views to Mukurtu defaults. Make sure you have backups and note any changes you have made that have not been captured with Features Overrides before starting this process.
  • Review the updated look and feel documentation. Most of the image sizes for site customization have changed. We recommend reformatting or selecting new images for the new theme.
  • If using Reclaim hosting (or any other hosting that provides automatic version updates), we strongly recommend disabling automatic major updates to avoid unexpected changes.
  • Regardless of your hosting situation, we strongly recommend duplicating or cloning your production site and testing the update on that non-production site to identify and resolve any issues that come up. See this article on cloning Reclaim-hosted sites.

If you have questions about updating your site and would like additional information please contact our support team, and we will do our best to help.

Accompanying the new code release are several new support resources. At this time, there are support videos for all features that are new in 2.1. Updates to existing support resources will be released in the coming weeks.

You can view all the 2.1 support articles here. Links to individual articles and videos are below: