Mukurtu Mobile 3

Mukurtu Mobile allows users to gather, create, and sync content to a Mukurtu CMS site using existing cultural protocols, communities, and categories.

Mukurtu Mobile is a companion app for use with Mukurtu CMS allowing users to create content on the go and directly upload to their Mukurtu CMS site.

Mukurtu Mobile syncs with your Mukurtu CMS site, enabling users to curate, manage, and share digital cultural heritage from their mobile devices, using existing communities and cultural protocols.

New in Mukurtu Mobile 3, users can select and save content for offline access on their mobile devices.

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Core Features

Mukurtu Mobile 3 includes a suite of tools and features to address the core needs of Mukurtu users. Mukurtu Mobile 3 is compatible with Mukurtu sites running Mukurtu CMS 3.0 and above.

iOS/iPadOS compatibility.

Connects to existing Mukurtu CMS 3 sites and uses your established user roles, communities, cultural protocols, categories, and site content.

Select content to sync to Mukurtu Mobile app for offline access:

  • Selection can be done both in a web browser and directly in the app.
  • Includes all content types, eg: digital heritage items, dictionary words, collections.

Create content while online or offline:

  • Items created offline are queued for upload when an internet connection is available.
  • The Mukurtu Core metadata schema is fully supported.
  • In-app capture of photos and video.
  • Audio recordings can be made on-device and uploaded.
  • Digital heritage items are fully supported. Other content types are available with limited functionality.

Android compatibility is planned for a future release.
Major ongoing development of Mukurtu Mobile 3 is not planned until after the release of Mukurtu CMS 4.