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Mukurtu CMS and Washington State University’s Center for Digital Scholarship and Curation are responsible for the development and maintenance of the open source Mukurtu CMS code. We provide support for using Mukurtu CMS through articles and resources on our support site and To install and run a Mukurtu CMS site, interested users will either need to contract a web hosting provider, or self-host a site.

While many web hosting providers can host a Mukurtu site, Reclaim Hosting offers easy installation and maintenance of Mukurtu sites at affordable rates*. Reclaim Hosting worked with the Mukurtu CMS team to ensure the process is as convenient as possible for Mukurtu users, and we consider them a trusted vendor.

Mukurtu CMS is a Drupal-based software that requires a suitable server setup to run. If your IT department is not comfortable with the server requirements in the GitHub documentation, or you do not have a department that can run the necessary equipment, you may want to consider a hosted site.


Get a Hosted Site from Reclaim Hosting

Reclaim Hosting provides Mukurtu users with an easy, safe, and secure web hosting solution that you own and control.


Download Mukurtu CMS in Github

Download Mukurtu CMS from our Github repository to run on a local server or install on any web platform. Mukurtu 2.0 is distributed through a GNU General Public License (or “GPL”)

* Reclaim Hosting offers a range of hosting products and options. For many Mukurtu users, the basic Organizational Shared Hosting is an affordable starting point (USD $100/year at the time of writing), and we recommend it for smaller sites. For larger sites, or if more site performance if needed, Reclaim offers a Professional Services package that, in addition to improved support, includes hosting on a low-tenant VIP server, which improves site performance and speed. At this time, the Professional Services package is USD $600/year. Contact Reclaim for more details.

Still not sure if Mukurtu CMS is right for your project, or want access to our shared demo site?

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