CGLCK Workshop: Mukurtu CMS Site Building, Community Engagement and Virtual Exhibiting

Date: October 26th – 28th

Lotus Norton-Wisla and Michael Wynne from Washington State University’s Center for Digital Scholarship and Curation will share Mukurtu CMS and how it can be used to showcase digital collections while maintaining tribal cultural protocols. They will also demonstrate how Mukurtu Mobile can collect images, audio, video, and stories in the field and upload to any Mukurtu site. Mukurtu CMS promotes a community approach to digital heritage management integrating already established social and cultural systems with technological tools.

In this workshop, participants will get hands-on experience using Mukurtu CMS.

Participants will learn:

  1. Basic Mukurtu concepts
  2. Core functionality
  3. Step-by-step procedures to curate digital heritage items with Mukurtu CMS and
  4. Use of Mukurtu Mobile for on-location content creation.

Participants will have hands on lessons during the session. Laptops and iPads will be provided for activities, but participants can use their own laptops if desired.

Hosted by


the Convening Great Lakes Culture Keepers

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